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. does that work on the national stage? i mean obama won women by 11 points, i believe, in the 2012 exit polls? >> i think abortion is a pretty complicated political instrument. if you look at the democrats in texas right now trying to reach out to latinos, this probably isn't the issue that they would have chosen because it -- >> in texas. >> -- yeah. in texas amongst the latino community there is a real complicated relationship with abortion. i think part of what happens is the more subtle nuanced approach. for instance, if you wipe out more than half of the installed base of clinics in texas, you all the family planning goes with it. all the -- and so you end up with people who are often getting pregnant at higher rates because you have taken out other options. i do think it is an argument that calls for an incredible amount of nuance. never gets it. >> but politically, i mean this is the opposite of what the republican autopsy report on 2012 recommended. they were supposed to be a more inclusive party and you've seen this movement in states across the country other past 20 weeks. now
are they going to do what the immigration bill that is on the floor right now and the different amendments regarding that and the bill on gun control but would welcome the amendment for them to have to vote on and that's going to come back. the obama health care bill is a vote that keeps on giving and mary landrieu will have to keep defending the fact that she supported that and the able republican from louisiana. >> host: ben nelson of nebraska just retired and said it wasn't because he thought he would lose but he wasn't going to win because of that. but yes i think that mary landrieu is a fascinating example and actually, we only have about six minutes left. so i wanted to ask you before we wrap up here, is who you think among the women that had researched the fear in the senate now or they were earlier in the past decade who is doing the more interesting things. it's the most interesting way or the most fearful perhaps. >> guest: the influence in the senate i think that patty murray is very close for the democratic leadership and if there is a woman that is going to advance and the mom
. and so getting egypt right is i think imperative and the obama administration knows it and i think if they look back in hindsight and say what could have been done differently during this transition, perhaps a more active role by the united states during helping egypt with the transition, not just to holding elections, but setting up a -- the ability to govern in a democratic way. that is what got lost here. egypt figured out -- egypt knows how to do protests, elections -- >> was morsi interested in that? that's a question. was morsi interested in that? was he interested in governing? if you look at david brooks' column from the "times" over the past weekend, he listed all the things that morsi did to show that he really wasn't interested in governing democratically, that he wanted to consolidate power. of course, he made himself the supreme ruler over the judiciary, said they were irrelevant. i guess that's the real question. how much -- how much influence did the white house feel they had over morsi's moves over the past year? >> well, i don't think they had much. they did -- obv
, truly support democracy in egypt can get together to take power peacefully. but senator mccain is right. i don't think there is any doubt that in real functional terms, this is a military coup. what is happening is that president obama's foreign policy in that region, which he enunciated in 2009 in the same city of cairo is now running up against reality in cairo. and his support for democratic ideals as he spoke of them in 2009 are being tested on the streets right now. talking to white house -- one white house official, they're not going any farther than they went today for now. carney, jay carney's statement was as far as they're going to go at this point. >> joel, i see that some protests there see america as being too close to the muslim brotherhood. >> well, it's an irony of sorts, michael, because the united states is going to be blamed, regardless, frankly, of the situation. and we have to get used to that. context matters here. we have to remember that nearly 22 million egyptians, more than a quarter of their population signed a petition for mohamed morsi to leave power. and th
cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >>> so let's get right to my first reads of the morning. immigration reform was supposed to be the signature achievement of the first year of president obama's second term but did it die yesterday in the house? they say it's just a comprehensive approach that is a nonstarter. but the hot rhetoric they're using sounds an awful lot like an attempt to provide cover if nothing gets done. about an hour from now, the president and vice president will hold a private meeting with the architects of the senate immigration bill. after house republicans huddled for two hours wednesday with questioners lining up more than ten deep to hash out the path forward on immigration, the bottom line is clear. the senate bill backed by mccain, schumer and potential 2016 conservative prospect marco rubio is despised and dead on arrival in the house. >> house republicans want to do this on our term and not on the senate terms and not on the white house terms. >> it was not a well thought out approach in the senate. it's the reason the senate bill has little chance
't watching how conservative and republican politics actually work right now. anyway, that is happening in las vegas this weekend. and if that particular blend of republican congressional leadership and the president obama secretly foreign conspiracy theory, if that particular blend of that combination is not your thing in las vegas this weekend, you do have other options. all you have to do is leave the venetian where the republican ladies are hosting their kevin mccarthy birther guy gala, leave the venetian, take a left on the strip, and five minutes down the road you'll find yourself at the planet hollywood resort and casino in las vegas, you will find you have another republican politics combined with birtherism option on the same weekend. because the planet hollywood resort and casino this weekend is hosting something called freedom fest. it's going on right now. it will keep going into this weekend. this year's highlights include the author of a book called "evoluti "evolution: a theory in crisis." also the obligatory "is the united nations becoming our master" confab. our pal from down
return to campus in the fall, but lower interest rates could be restored but right now they are doubled. >>anny: funding for food stamps was separated from the proposal and will be taken up later. president barack obama has threatened to veto the house bill if there reaches. >>mark: this grant unlimited guarantee offers unlimited to data up $30 on smart phones $10 on traditional phones. the move comes as the company tries to differentiate itself from other providers like at&t. microsoft is now reshuffling its company structure following a steady decline as people turn to tablets and other mobile devices. microsoft has new divisions including engineering, marketing and business development. >>anny: new efforts as polythene tries to salvage her career. the celebrity chef has let go of her legal team and has hired new lawyers. a former manager at one for restaurants and savannah georgia is a wingding and her brother for acts of violence, racism and discrimination. polity lost a number of big endorsement deals after she admitted to using the n word years ago. time now is 528. let's take a q
substations. we took advantage of that which is where president obama spoke last week and it is all sort of blurry right now. been developed another couple of plans that were emergency power plants. we have many of these installed capacity in tanzania in this context it is quite significant. particularly when they have suffered for the last three years, which has left huge parts of the country without power. primarily because it has simply not been there. whether it be climate change, whether it be freak weather patterns, there just hasn't been enough rain. so when the water goes down, they cannot find hydras and suddenly there isn't enough capacity on the grid. that is what happens across africa, which is why we see over and over again the governments that are paying ridiculous amounts of money on these which are polluting and are ridiculously expensive. but they need the power to keep the economy moving in to keep people happy. it is an economic issue and it is why it happens. we have stepped in to try to fill that gap. in tanzania we also have a couple interesting projects that we are
sometimes can really stab you right in the face as well as the back. "mad money" is back after the break. . . >> i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere. i try to find it just >>> is obama care dead? more delays and big changes for obama care. we know the employer mandate has to wait for a year. now comes the liar subsidies meaning no income applications for income applicants just like the housing bubble, remember? by the way, don't forget the small business insurance exchange was killed last month. folks, the individual mandate is next. how about the stock market? that's better ne
time to call code bleu on the rest of the president's signature law? we will be right back. ♪ tracy: obamacare employer mandate getting delayed. struggling with setting big ♪ tracy: well, obamacare is coming apart at the scenes, another effort to dismantle the law has just begun. after the obama administration this week gave businesses another year to comply with the regulation. this is the latest in a string of bad news for theaw. all five now say it is a train wreck. peter barnes joins us from washington. let's lay this out. how many people does this actually affect? >> reporter: rht now about 158 million people get their health insurance through their employer. so in theory the employer mandates covers them. however, in practice companies offer their employees health insurance as a benefit to try to attract the best a brightest. the congressional budget office did look at this question last yearf what would happen if obamacare were totally repealed. it estimated, believe it or not, that actually about 2 million people that would stay -- would get health care coverage from their
and political reform, but we never did. instead we pulled the rug out from under our ally, obama, mubarak and say you only have a little bit of time. slowly start dismantling the elements of democracy question the parliament. put his own people into the military, taking away the civil and equal rights. what we should have done is say we give you a lot of aid, we will take that unless you install democracy. instead, we gave him equipment. they say morsi is your guy, america, it is your fault. melissa: and we're seeing a lot of fal fallback. a lot of backlash as if we were instrumental in all this, but i can hear voices on the left saying how is it our business to going to a country and say to a democratically elected president you must do this and this or else we will not give you any money. aren't we giving them aid because we are humanitarians and we care about people who are hungry? >> that money buys us a seat at the table. we don't give aid is just a gift, we give it as a tool. i look at any kind of aid and say what is in the interest of my country, what is america's interest? america
about the obama administration handling. some are saying this week that they should have anticipated this. that they're caught looking like they were supporting morsi when they shouldn't have been. >> right, well, that's true. you know, they didn't pay as close attention. they probably assumed the morsi government was more stable than it really was. i'm not sure i blame them. i don't think it had any effect. i don't think we did anything that caused a change in egypt. i do think, it's always important to referment i was talking to the state department and said said to me you have to remember n this building we don't do foreign policy, we do foreign relations. we make relationships with people who are in power. and so our ambassador there and probably our entire apparatus was building relationships with the muslim brotherhood, probably you know, holding their nose a little but building relationships. and result of those relationships which were probably an of the to have some influence, they looked more friendly to the muslim brotherhood than probably they should have. ambassador cert
that the obama administration follows the law and that we protect private property rights and keep the e.p.a. and the army corps of engineers off of people's private property across america. and i urge members to oppose the gentleman's amendment. the chair: for what purpose does the gentlelady from ohio seek recognition? ms. kaptur: i move to strike the last word. the chair: the gentlelady is recognized for five minutes. ms. kaptur: madam chair, i support the gentleman's amendment. i just have been listening to the debate and thinking, you know, we're a great nation because we figured out how to build a nation. we had 13 col miss it and then miraculously -- colonies and then miraculously, somehow through the northwest ordinance and other means, we added more states and figured out where their boundaries were. sadly michigan and ohio had to fight a little war on a piece of territory between us, but we even got that figured out. and then, golly, you know, we alaska, xpanded even it became a state, and as we became more adult as a nation, we figured out where the watersheds were. we even ha
, as many as 5 million votes might have been lost which is almost exactly president obama's popular vote margin over mitt romney. >> absolutely. there is a lot at stake in the vote suppression laws and they affect vast numbers of people and the voting rights act was incremental in stopping several of them that affected huge numbers of people in texas, south carolina, florida. those would have been in effect in full force in 2012 election if it weren't for the voting rights act. and the voting rights act is important not only for these big statewide races but where the little bread and butter happens is at local races, municipal elections and school board elections where 85% of the discriminatory voting changes that were blocked happen and it affects people in their day-to-day lives. there the racism has been really far more widespread, doesn't get the same kind of national attention that, for example, a city of mississippi cansless an election just after african-americans become a majority of the registered voters and when just last year in bow month, texas, they rejiggered the elections
, swiping vehicles right off the road. >> i started freaking out. mud started coming through my side of the door. >> president obama met with senators schumer and mccain to push for immigration reform. house republicans meaning to start from scratch. >> the stroller gets stuck in the car. the baby was not hurt. the guy drove off. >> running for its life from two hungry cheetahs. it leaps to safety inside of a packed car full of tourists. >> and all that matters. >> the secretary of state said his wife is improving. he became emotional while talking about her. >> i want to thank everybody for the remarkable outpouring of good wishes. it's been really very special. >> on "cbs this morning." >> justin bieber cursing out a former president and relieving himself inside a restaurant and not in the bathroom. >> you know what canada it's time to pick him up. >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by choice hotels. >>> good morning. welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is off so anthony macing is with us. >> hello. great to be here. >> we are hearing dramatic 911
as their rights as a minority. -- some pause as to what is left as their rights as a minority. host: you can send us an e-mail or send us a tweet. some other voices on this, including senator barack obama on the senate floor in 2005. [video clip] >> one day democrats will be in the majority again. mr. president, licensed the talk is more about power than fairness -- i sense the talk is more about power than fairness . they can get away with it. the right -- if the right of free and open debate is taken away from the minority party i fear the party atmosphere in washington will be poisoned to the point where no one will be able to agree on anything. that does not serve anyone's best interest at it is not what the patriots who founded this democracy had in mind. host: that old line, "where you stand depends on where you sit." three years later barack obama is in the white house and dealing with some of the same issues that has frustrated previous guest: guest: presidents, including george w. bush. where you stand depends on where you sit applies to all senators. when you are in the minority you are
have. -- tracy: so doom and gloom. obama thought they did a good thing politically by postponing the employer mandate but p tuts small businesses in longer holding pattern. >> that's right. i think it was probably a political move, the reason the move was made of course is the government's not ready and the private firms are not ready. had we gone ahead that would create chaos. that is probably much more expensive than having just deferred this. we still know it's coming. having another year to get ready will be fine but it's really no bonus other than avoiding chaos. tracy: right. >>> if that is the benefit i guess that's good. it ought to be better than that we do every five years a big survey about the most important problems facing these owners and we just finished one last year. health care costs was number one. been number one for 25 years. then uncertainty about the economy. energy costs, uncertainty about economic policy and cost of useless regulations and redtelln any better? tracy: right. >> if your answer is no, you know why they're depressed and optimism is not improv
and take away their right to have a voice in the workplace so the irony of this, ed, when we look at what's happening in the congress today and in the senate regarding the appointments by president obama, the irony of this is, 38 companies have signed on to legislation that would go forward to try to outlaw through the d.c. circuit the president's ability to make recess appointments. of those 38 corporations that signed on to briefs supporting that decision of the d.c. courts, those 38 companies combine have gave $6 million in campaign contributions. >> wow. >> to the republicans so we have to look at this, ed, as another attempt by the republicans. this time not to put forth legislation against workers but to be inactive in legislation that would help workers. >> how does this restrict job growth in the inner city, may year? >> well, it restricts job growth because it's having a significant impact on public sector polite. really as we've gone through the worst economy in 0 years something very unusual happened. we actually had a retraction of more than 400,000 employees during the worst
and turns as we are live at fort hood. plus, a potential big change of plans in afghanistan. president obama reportedly considering getting all of our troops out of there and bringing them home. plus, a fishing trip nearly turns deadly after a family says a dam just all of a sudden opened right in front of their eyes. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. my mantra? trust your instincts to make the call. to treat my low testosterone, my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; wo
it was reporting not fair and balance. president obama commented on the case, listen. >> you know, if i had a son, he would look like trayvon. and you know, i think they are right to expect that all of us as americans will take this with the sourceness it deserves. >> in the days that followed, people around the country wearing hoodies to support trayvon martin. and then rev repped sharpton who organized protest and calling for the arrest of george zimmerman,ine city lead ares in sanford but theed heads over whether zimmerman should be arrested or not. >> you look at initial media coverage in the early days, it was a much younger picture of trayvon martin that wassoused by several people instead of a current picture that you so on the right hand side of the screen. and despite the contrary, early reporting said that george zimmerman had no noticeable injures and remember, the pictures shed a different story. and then the sound byte by n pc news. >> this guy locks up to no good and he locks black. >> and that was a misedit and now look at what was said. >> this guy locks up to be no good. he's lik
radical right reached an all-time high in 2012. the fourth consecutive year of growth. they concluded that these groups will continue to grow and become more militant during president obama second term and due to the national debate we have applied them to the evolving face of terror, both at home and abroad. additionally, we are here to be proactive and we should focus on the vulnerabilities that remain in the construction contract constructive accents available to the congress. we need to understand why one of the accused bombers was listed on to federal databases but available to travel to russia and we need to understand the vast and most cost-effective way to fix that problem we can find a solution to point the finger. the choice is ours. the christmas day bomber even though terrorist do not board the flight in the united states, the government spent about $800 million and today those machines have been removed from the airports because americans decided that they were not willing to give up their privacy for security. a few years and $800 million later, we have found a solution
met there yesterday with human rights groups and snowden was the topic of a phone conversation between president obama and russian president vladimir putin. we have two reports beginning with jim la sieda in moscow. >> richard, after the media bed lamb around the appearance yesterday and the vows from the airport, not that we got a chance to see him in the flesh, today has been pretty quiet by comparison. i guess you would say if this were a poker game, what snowden did in his meeting yesterday with human rights activists was to call putin's bluff. he signaled that he, snowden, would remain silent and not release any more damaging intelligence if russia granted him just temporary asylum while he seeks guarantees of safe passage to latin america which apparently is where he wants to end up. you recall that putin made that same offer earlier this month but snowden at the time rejected it because of that condition of silence. now he seems to be forcing putin's hand. does putin give him asylum and further damage relations with the u.s.? or does putin back off? does he flip-flop and then lo
on our birth right and how do vice president biden and nancy pelosi both loudly professed catholics defend their schilling for that violation of church teaching. biden went on record saying obama care is no threat to religious liberty. as for ms. pelosi she famously said "i'm a devout catholic and honor my faith and love it but they have this conscious thing." reread our cat kis catachism nd by the way, stay out of my local church. yes, i saw you. >> shannon: coming up, we asked, you answered. what role if any should the u.s. be playing in egypt right now? your twitter responses are next. and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore. does your dog food have? go talk to your doctor. 18 percent? 20? new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learmore at >> shannon: at 4:30 eastern the ntsb will hold a ne
with human rights activists at the russian airport. he's asking for temporary asylum in russia. he hopes to travel to latin america. >>> also breaking this morning, another cabinet shakeup in the obama administration, home land security secretary janet napolitano is resigning to take the position of president at university of california. >>> the jury in the george zimmerman trial is expected to begin deliberations later today. jurors have to read through 27 pages of instructions from the judge. prosecutors have presented their closing arguments. and this morning, it's the defense's turn. jurors will decide if zimmerman is guilty of second-degree murder in the death of trayvon martin. >>> and in san francisco, crews are busy breaking apart and removing what's left of asiana airlines flight 214. investigators have found no evidence of mechanical failure. the focus, now, will be on the pilots' actions. >>> and encouraging news about teen health. fewer teens are lighting up, the new survey finds. only 5% of high school sophomores admit to smoking get is cigarettes daily in the last month. th
on top stories we're following right now. janet napolitano is resigning her post to become president of the university of california system. president obama has confirmed that resignation in a statement he commended napolitano for her outstanding work on behalf of the american people over the last four years. >>> there are several new developments in the crash of flight 214. san francisco police chief greg sulr is confirming that one of the teenagers killed in the disaster was hit at least once by an emergency vehicle and he said the teenager was under fire retardant foam so no one could see her. the official cause of death will be made by the san mateo county donor. >>> and the fuselage will be moved this morning. it was towed to another remote location at sfo. two hours ago we showed you the first pictures of the plane in the caged off area. claudine wong was the first one there and she joins us live next to the plane's new location. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it looks like this wreckage will sit here for at least a few days. take a look at where it sits. you can see
temporary asylum from russia as he tries to figure out how to get to latin america. he met with human rights and lawyers in the transit zone of the moscow airport and the white house criticized russia for giving snowden what it called, quote, a propaganda platform. and president obama spoke by phone about it with the russian president vladimir putin. >>> egypt's ousted president is being accu ining investigated b prosecutor and the united states is calling on egypt's army to free president mohammed morsi, the former president. it's not clear where he's being held. >>> the texas state senate has approved one of the strictest abortion measures in the country and bans abortions after 20 weeks and requires abortion clinics to meet standards that could force many or most to close. rick perry called a special session to get the bill through. you might remember it died last month following a nearly 11-hour filibuster. >>> now, back to the zimmerman case. in an interview you're going to see first right here on cnn, his closing arguments behind him zimmerman's lead defense attorney opened up to cnn's
a month when president obama and the chinese president met at the resort in california all off the record and friendly. we had these problems with china before whether it was human rights violations or currency manipulation. nothing ever changes because they are of crucial trading partner to the united states and even though businesses are the financial threat of cybersecurity and seems to me joe biden had a half-hearted approach to this meeting. >> it is difficult, a difficult balance because there's a theory of mutually assured destruction going on with respect to china and the united states government. china is doing a lot of cyberthreats and it is a problem for the united states but at the same time we are so dependent on the economy and vice versa the chinese with their exports to the united states it is like we are sweeping the problem little bit under the rug but i do believe the obama administration and many in congress are concerned about this and are looking to take more positive and possibly punitive actions against the chinese government. cheryl: the ceo of lloyd's of london d
is going to be bad here, the budget here, they don't know how much obama's going to cost in california, which is one of the bad things because they spend all the new money instead of being prepared for the problems of obamacare. >> right. >> what the legislators have to do is take up reform mantle, but talk about it in l.a., talk about it in san diego and fresno and places like that. >> i'm still holding to the bet that you and i have, which is in my lifetime, and i'm in my 60s, i do not expect california to vote for a republican candidate for the presidency. you still op with the bet? >> well, look, you're going to live another 40 years the way i see it, and i think about within the next two to four years, the democrats are going to have to face up to the joblessness in the state, and the fact that they are denying california jobs because they have so much energy in the state. >> i know. >> they could turn the state around. >> they never turn around. that's the -- nevermind. no, i've had it, okay. got it. tom, thank you very much indeed. i got to move op quickly to nicole who has news
the country back to right of center. >> [ applause ] >> the senator, who is divorced, was a five term member of the house before being elected to the senate in 2010 to fill the seat that barack obama gave up to become president. >> i have been carefully watching the voting record since he came back. >> kirk has a reputation for bipartisanship, often teaming with his illinois democratic colleague dick durbin. >> he is also one of the few pro-choice, pro gun control and pro gay marriage republicans in the senate. but he counts himself a fiscal conservative and although he says he feels for americans who don't have the same good healthcare benefits that he receives, he voted against the president's universal health coverage plan. >> has this made you change your view on that? >> it hasn't. what i worried about that, we all know the federal government is out of money, that if you make that promise that people will believe you and you have got to come through. don't make promises that you can't afford to keep. >> furthermore, while under senate rule, kirk was paid during a year of absence, but he
they don't want interference with a woman's right to have an abergs and they will not stand for it. martha: what this bill could mean for texas and the implications for the rest of the country. we'lgregg: new reports president obama is considering withdrawing all-american troops from afghanistan. u.s. and european officials say the president has broken increasingly frustrated with the afghan president hamid karzai and could withdraw all-american troops by next summer. this is a major reversal of the current plan that would keep a small number of troops there. ambassador john bolton joins us. would this acceleration, the zero option of no troops after next year, would that be dangerous? >> i think it's certainly hastens the day when taliban and al qaeda retake control of afghanistan. i think that day is coming almost inevitably given the president's ill-advised policies leading to the expected drawdown to almost zero next year. leaving a token number of troops doesn't affect conditions and the ground and speeding up the withdrawal simply moves forward the time taliban retakes control. i thi
in the rampage to receive a purple heart. gretchen, steve, brian, back to you. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. >> gretchen: in the meantime, democrats are now fighting a proposed 24% budget cut to the irs. i believe it's house republicans who had proposed this. president obama and his budget wanted $13 billion for the irs. last year they got 12. now they're proposing that they only get $9 billion and really republicans are saying it's because of these glaring sort of errors that happened, the targeting of tea party. some 290 groups. should we be increasing the funding for this particular agency based on that? >> brian: when they have their pricey conferences, they don't even bid out these conferences. they pick the first hotel they see. they go and train people to have their roles in star trek. you got to think they have too much money on their hands and they're trying to burn it. i can't believe democrats wouldn't get on the same side against the irs in this situation! major cummings was outraged about their behavior. >> steve: the democrats feel they need the irs to enforce obamac
expand tax-payer funded crop insurance but cut food stamps. president obama said if it passes the house he'll veto it. the bill went down in defeat in the house last month when far right conservatives want even more cuts in spending than who were already in it to avoid a repeat of that embarrassment. g.o.p. leaders are calling for today's bill without amendments. >>> working together to create a comprehensive farm bill that aid farmers and people who need the food and nutrition assistance. but this time the republicans split the bill to take out the food stamp component with the idea they could deal with that part later if ever. the white house said not okay to put forward a farm bill that intentionally leaves out food safety for the people. we'll be right back. >> did anyone tell the pilgrims they should self-deport? >> no, they said "make us a turkey and make it fast". >> (laughter). >> she gets the comedians laughing. >> that's the best! >> that's hilarious. >> ... and the thinkers thinking. >> okay, so there is wiggle room in the ten commandments is what you're telling me. >> she's
's ambassador to the u.s. and obama administration officials. they're previewing the upcoming g20 summit that takes place in st. petersburg, russia, in september. live coverage underway right now here on c-span2. >> so we don't disrupt the speakers. we have started a tradition of doing events like this ahead of these big summits. the g20 is the biggest of them all in the world in the area i work on. it will be held just after labor day in st. petersburg, russia, and we normally would do this two or three weeks out, but because of the summer holidays and everything, we thought we'd get an early start. so we are delighted to have a terrific lineup of speakers today which we'll get started with in just one second. we'll have, after our two keynote speakers, the russian ambassador and the u.s. sherpa, we will have two panels, one an expert panel and then a very short break, and then we're going to have a senior sherpa perspective on the g20 summit and the agenda thereon. so with no further ado, let me introduce dr. john hamre, president and ceo of csis. please. >> well, thank you all for com
. >> tanya miller, thank you very much. >>> we'll be right back after a quick break. we'll have much more analysis ahead. >>> now, we have just learned that president obama will call russian president vladimir putin today. this as nsa leaker edward snowden requests a temporary stay in russia. we now have brand-new video of snowden. he's been holed up in a moscow airport for weeks now. you can see him here. he's meeting with human rights activists and attorneys. today is the first time that we have seen him in russia. snowden said today that the united states is persecuting him. he asked for assistance in safe passage to one of the many latin american countries that have offered him asylum. and he's asking for temporary asylum in russia until he can make that trip. >> the president's losing a corner stone of his white house cabinet. janet napolitano, secretary of homeland security, is taking a job in academia. she'll leave in september to head the university system in california. there's no word yet on her successor. >>> and we now know more about the cockpit recordings from the asiana fli
. what we say does matter. you, mr. speaker. my right honorable friend and the foreign secretary and indeed president obama all regretted or expressed regret over the military intervention in egypt. the special envoy of the quartet to the middle east suggested that the military -- they had no alternative, it was inevitable. i realize the foreign secretary has been busy, but i wonder if he has had an opportunity to discuss those remarks with a special envoy? ,> the former prime minister the special envoy, does not have to clear with the foreign secretary of the day everything that he says. i'm not sure he would've ever cleared it with the foreign secretary of his own government. [laughter] he certainly doesn't clear it with the foreign secretary of the next government. that would be hoping for too much. i thought things in different ways from him. as she has noted and several others have treated -- have. we do have to acknowledge that there was enormous dissatisfaction in europe -- in egypt with a record of that government, and therefore, as of last week, what happened was very po
the average nationwide price for regular right now is 3.48 a gallon. >> there's an apparent break for smokers in president obama's healthcare law. smokers were to have been charged penalties as high as 50% under the law but the administration started telling insurers that a computer glitch will limit the penalties and the fix will take at least a year. >> when twinkies make their come back, they'll start with a longer shelf life. i thought they didn't expire anyway. but the printed shelf life will be 45 days. that's almost three weeks longer than they used to have and some stores will get them frozen which will extend the shelf life even longer. so they'll last forever and ever and ever. so they'll last forever and ever and ever. >> i thought they i want it all... all the volume... all the drama with new l'oreal million lashes excess mascara. now l'oreal's legendary volumizing brush is bigger than ever - multiple bristles... for a multitude of volumized lashes. millionized... to excess l'oreal's clean-sweep wiper system removes extra mascara for no clumps lashes are instantly defined... drama
, right? >> great. fantastic. >>> plus, every move hillary clinton makes leads to some kind of speculation about her political future. even her new hair do. but this morning it's the new jobs for two obama campaign veterans that has people talking. we'll explain that. >> let's begin this half hour with the very latest on that frightening parasailing accident in florida we've been following. one of the indiana teenagers who suffered serious injuries is now ready to head home. >> we received notice that we were going to be leaving. >> reporter: encouraging news this morning for michael fairchild. just 11 days after a parasailing accident in panama city, florida left his daughter alexis seriously injured, fairchild says she will be released from the hospital today, headed back home to indiana. >> heading to indianapolis for rehab and she'll probably be spending probably about a week or two there. for in patient and time on out patient. overall for what she has been through her spirits are pretty good. >> alexis and her friend sidney goode, both 17, were parasailing july 1st when the tow rope
in those senate rules. our live coverage will begin at 10:30 eastern. >> president obama recently eturned from a trip to africa. there is a panel discussion getting under way right now on the president's trip and the new policy. live coverage here on c-span. >> a major shift that is not entirely there both in the u.s. and africa where perceptions of sur suit of commercial interests and profit. there has always been something seen as unsightly about that when you talk about africa. we are moving to the idea these commercial ties if managed well can help drive growth, employment, development and enduring ties of mutual interest. this is welcome in the u.s. but particularly among an up and coming generation of africans. on june 30 the president announced the africa initiative. that ames to tackle one of the drags on the well being of african communities particularly in rural areas. perhaps the greatest obstacle to their economic growth and a huge barrier for potential investors looking to engage in africa and that is access to reliable and affordable electricity. the focus on energy is extre
or nicaragua, all countries that have offered him protection. president obama spoke with the russian president putin yesterday about snowden. the white house says russia gave snowden a propaganda platform by letting him meet with human rights activists yesterday. >>> more people have been hurt in the annual running of the bulls in spain. an american college student and two span yarred were gored. now there is word another 20 people were hurt at the entrance of the ring, after a large group of people fell on top of each other. many were crushed in the pile, but two runners were reportedly attacked by a charging bull. the nine-day street festival in pamplona ends tomorrow. >>> the royal baby watch is in full force in london. media outlets from around the world are all camped outside the hospital where the duchess of cambridge is going to give birth. her due date is believed to be any day now. some say it's today. when the baby is finally on the way, the palace is going to announce that the duchess has been admitted to the hospital. >>> the eight-month wait is finally over for people looking to g
independent contractors; right? if i come to honeywell, i generally make most decisions. there there's 536 independent contractors. >> you walked in the door, you were talking with president obama, you were talking with people on the hill, camp, baucus, and you are a chief representative of the business community, ceo magazine this year names you ceo of the year so you have standing in the business community. did you feel it made a difference or were you one more voice that was not going to be heard? >> i'd say probably the thing that made the biggest difference over time in terms of billing credibility with both sides of the aisle is my participation on the simpson-bowles commission. that did it more than anything else because you're going through that crucible of a process. you build a lot of relationships. i'd say the understanding of how business works, generally, and how decisions are made and what's happening, there's a few of the guys who know all of that stuff; most of them don't. there's more based on who do you know and how do you know them, and simpson-bowles process was good. i
-- article iii courts. all three have been used. the obama and administration and president bush's administration. >> well, if you are tried in civilian courts and you must be brought before the united states magistrate, judge. is that correct? >> yes. requires. >> and your right to have an attorney appointed for you if you do not have one. >> yes, sir. >> or the attorney may have. >> correct. >> if it is a terrorist, could be associated with the terrorist organization, could they not? >> could be. >> miranda warnings. they don't have to make any statements. >> that's correct. >> and they can be brought before the judge at a preliminary hearing and the government has to lay out evidence revealing to the world that the individual who may be an enemy combat and has been captured, revealing that to his compatriots and enemies. is that right? >> certainly when court proceedings are filed and on the docket the public can know about it. >> well, and evidence has to be presented. witnesses can be cross examined, even in the early hearing preliminary stage. isn't that right? >> yes, sir.
health care. it is a disaster. right, randy. gop wants government to fail. what will they go after next? medicare, social security. keep taking your thoughts on this, but let me give you other headlines. president obama is nominee to head of the fbi testified yesterday. we cover that testimony. if you are interested, go to our website. "the new york times" says this -- that is from the papers this morning. this is about the fbi nominee. times"om "the washington -- if you miss that, go to our web site, the front page of "usa today" -- then on student loans this "orning, "the washington post -- the republicans have their own proposal that would tie it to the treasury bond rate. also, -- if you are interested, we covered that yesterday. "the wall street journal" -- again, go to our web site, c-, to listen to and watch what the retired james robertson had suggested in changes to the court. back to work question for all of you. maryland and florida. independent calller. caller: thank you for c-span. hypocriticalost thing they have done in quite awhile. they do not even g
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